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Insulam Creatura

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On an isolated island, four components of a gene-altering formula have been hidden. Colonel Ken Capstone deploys his best runner to retrieve the parts: you. Codename: Jack Rabbit. But the island is undergoing unimaginable changes - the flora and fauna are mutating to protect the components you need. Download the Dustland App and join the virtual race where you will traverse through jungle terrain, over waterfalls and into caves to complete the mission. Earn an amazing and unique medal for completing the race. But be warned, not everything on this island is as it seems.

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The Running Scared Podcast

The Running Scared Podcast is a deep dive into the horror and thriller films that have you running away but coming back for more. Each episode, co-hosts Robert Lendrum and Jamie Roberts, review new or classic films in a book club style. Along the way, listeners can expect a few segments including the One Line Challenge, where we try in vain to sum up the plot of the film in one sentence, Monster Metrics, a statistical analysis of key events such as Dog Alert Moments, and the Running Scared Award, handed out to the character or cast member who got the most exercise. Subscribe today on your favourite podcast app.

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Running Scared Media

Our mission to make audio entertainment for fitness lovers. Running Scared Media produces immersive audio dramas for running - we call them "Jogcasts" - and the Running Scared Podcast where we review horror and thriller films. Get in touch with us if you want to discuss a partnership with your fitness company or community, or if you just want to talk movies with us. 

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