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Hell in Hamilton

2021   |   50min   |  English

Hell in Hamilton: A Horror Jogcast
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Hamilton, Ontario is a tough town. A steel town. It's been hit hard before, but never backs down. Until now. Running Scared Podcast co-host Robert Lendrum is new to "the Hammer", but when a zombie apocalypse ignites the downtown core, he'll need co-host Jamie Roberts to guide him safely through the madness. Jamie has problems of his own - he's far from home and his wife is desperate to load up the kids and drive out of there before it's too late! It's a race against time...and zombies!

An immersive audio-horror, this Running Scared Jogcast will motivate and entertain you on your next jog! Best experienced with headphones on a long run.


Contains gory violence and coarse language. Not recommended for children. 

Download Hell in Hamilton for free.

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