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Insulam Creatura

2022   |   40min   |  English

Running Scared Media presents Insulam Creatura: A Virtual Race on the Dustland Runner app
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On an isolated island, four components of a gene-altering formula have been hidden. Colonel Ken Capstone deploys his best runner to retrieve the parts: you. Codename: Jack Rabbit. But the island is undergoing unimaginable changes - the flora and fauna are mutating and seem to be acting to protect the components you need. With the aid of the grizzled Capstone and brilliant Dr. Malcolm Burr you will traverse through jungle terrain, over waterfalls and into caves to complete the mission. Be warned, not everything on this island is as it seems.


An immersive audio-drama, this Running Scared Jogcast will motivate and entertain you on your next jog! Best experienced with great headphones on a long run.


Contains gory violence and coarse language. Not recommended for children.

Insulam Creatura is currently only available on the Dustland Runner app. Sign up for the Virtual Race and earn an incredible and unique medal.

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