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The Belly

2023   |   33min   |  English

The Belly: A Horror Jogcast
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In a near future, inmates and old friends, Booker Reed (Son of Sonnet) and Mac Rossi (Tristan Snyder), work hard labour in an underwater mining prison called the Belly. Mac is in for stealing oxygen credits and Booker for being too loyal to Mac. He could have turned on Mac but instead he shared the wrap and lost good years with his wife and kids. After hearing a mysterious and intermittent sound, Mac witnesses Booker and everyone else in the prison transform into mindless violent murderers. Pushing his bum heart to the limit, Mac tries to escape the belly of madness with his best friend. With Booker’s experience as an engineer, they might just make it out. Unless he tears Mac apart along the way. 

An immersive audio-horror, this Running Scared Jogcast will motivate and entertain you on your next jog! Best experienced with headphones on a long run.


Contains gory violence and coarse language. Not recommended for children. 

Starring: Son of Sonnet as Booker Reed 
Tristan Snyder as Mac Rossi 
Additional voices by Robert Lendrum and Jamie Roberts 
Credits and Trailer Voice Over by Simon Jackson 
Written by Chris Cullari and Robert Lendrum 
Story by Jamie Roberts and Robert Lendrum 
Edited by Robert Lendrum 
Produced by Jamie Roberts and Robert Lendrum 
Original Music from Uppbeat 

“Threatened” by Alex Besss


“Home” by Weary Pines

License code: DTQFEMQVIU4GW1HZ 
“Coming After You” by RA

License code: DAV8I7QW0HM1QY6C 
Additional music and sound effects from Production Crate 

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