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Time to Burn

2023   |   39min   |  English

Running Scared Media presents Time to Burn: A Horror Jogcast
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Every night, Martin Haelstrom has the same nightmare: he runs to save his father trapped in a burning cabin, but never makes it in time. Just like that night all those years ago. Now, Martin returns as an adult to Washington State to rebuild the cabin and beat his time in a 5-mile race. The same time he’s beat all over the world on different terrain, but this time it’s not the environment that will challenge him. Something from the past wants to push him to his limits. Something wants him dead. Haunted by a horrible family secret, Martin must unravel the mystery of the cabin fire before his time is up.


An immersive audio-horror, this Running Scared Jogcast will motivate and entertain you on your next jog! Best experienced with headphones on a long run.


Contains gory violence and coarse language. Not recommended for children.

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